4th April 2018

Humans and love!!!

The chimpanzee had to bang to make the first human so love is therefore not a human-made thing. Why this is is because chimpanzee wouldn’t bang any female so they must feel love to another chimp.

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  1. This is really nicely written

  2. Smart answer.

  3. yes but chimpanzee’s didn’t “bang” because of love, they “banged” because it was their instinct and so they could reproduce to make more chimpanzee’s. even if it was “love”, they wouldn’t know it as love, therefore the concept of “love” is a human construct

  4. Good use of the chimpanzee example. But overall a good five minute think.


  5. yeah dylan get rekt

  6. Thanks Dylan, overall a well done think with a different but interesting point of view, you explained your points well and i thought it was a solid effort.


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