13th February 2019

English Transcript

Union Jack: yeah

Ranga: Oh fanks for anwserin geezer, know wha i mean?(annoyed)

Black: Gimme dat!(sick of it)

Black: Where you been fool, makin us rinse ou our credit leaving u messages and dat!(annoyed)

Ranga:Mr. Daws is well on the warpapf wif u bruv, yeah!

Union Jack: Cause of the bag n that?

Ranga: What bag, cause u missed a lesson u cheif!

Black: Gimme dat!

Black: the bag weren’t a problem texy never mentioned it he bootl’d it.

Black: Hey u comin over to mine later to play computa?

Union: nah man im not home now i got buisness i gotta run.

Black: what buisness!?

Union: buisness that minds its own!

Union: im out!

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