19th June 2018

Classy Movement

Confident and cool, a kind of well kept checky swagger. Sliding through the streets knowing there on top. A smirk, a smile every now and then a stop. To check their hair in the window shop, wink at themselves, yeah they’re pretty clever. Not stretched for money nor for time they roll along with rhythm, there own unique style and design. A hint of aftershave-vegan, environmentally-friendly, economically sustainable and without any added colors or preservatives of course-follows them down the street lingering momentarily after they have passed by.  


It drew me from my room like a leech sucks blood from a wound. A fragrance wafting on the summer air that floats down my hallway. The scent was dazzling a wonder to behold. New world fresh plastic bags, a hint of the apple pie mum had put in at 6 that morning, some of the beer Dad was highly unsuccessfully trying to brew. Underneath it all something else, I sniffed harder. Could it be, No? Was it, Yes!, It was, It was, It was. The box sat there, I pulled one out. Oh, how perfectly round. Without thinking, I raised it slowly, first to my nose-oh how sensational the smell-then to my mouth. With a crunch and a snap, it was gone. So I ran quickly and quietly back to my room. Praying mum wouldn’t notice the empty spot where the meal mates had sat. 

Blue = Needs work

Pink = Alright work

Red = Meal mate worthy

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