Union Jack: yeah Ranga: Oh fanks for anwserin geezer, know wha i mean?(annoyed) Black: Gimme dat!(sick of it) Black: Where you been fool, makin us rinse ou our credit leaving u messages and dat!(annoyed) Ranga:Mr. Daws is well on the warpapf wif u bruv, yeah! Union Jack: Cause of the bag n that? Ranga: What […]

“Kia Ora, my name’s Boy”. A phrase that was repeated many times over and over in 2010 by the youth of New Zealand. Boy was released on March the 25th 2010 into cinemas. It immediately struck the hearts of people all over the country. The movie is a story of a young kid known as […]

Confident and cool, a kind of well kept checky swagger. Sliding through the streets knowing there on top. A smirk, a smile every now and then a stop. To check their hair in the window shop, wink at themselves, yeah they’re pretty clever. Not stretched for money nor for time they roll along with rhythm, […]

.Hawea Flat .Straw dirt and smoke drifting from chimney .old man with hat standing outside pub .cattle carts parked outside .quite dusty. .looking down a long dirt track   WINDOW .dusty swing door .old oak door frame .cowboy kinda bar .creaky .Flats Hawea hog written on it DISPLAY .i stopped cause hungry .old font and […]

before the sun came up the hill was cast in shadows, but now only the dark below a bridge is in shade. Far above the cliff’s that drop below to the sea, stands house’s and apartments many many on end. Yellow ones beside red ones blue one above orange, and if our magical camera was to […]

Read down the side(an acrostic poem) Window window on the wall I’m looking for a fading view No hope Dusk has taken the light away Oh Window window on the wall Views that I could see before I can only see myself now Every shape reflected back Window window on the wall.    

Shakespear one of the most internationally renowned playwrights in the world. Romeo and Juliet his most famous play, A story of love and despair that takes place in a small town called Verona. The two young lovers meet among the mist of hate between the families and from there the plot unfolds. The idea of […]

I felt like the ending in the movie was very underwhelming it was built up in my head to be something grand the last line’s of the great Juliet and Romeo but in reality, it went on to far to long and didn’t hold my attention. I felt like because of the length what could have […]

“……I defy you starts” Translation: I will defy fate Interesting word: starts because stars is a weird way to say fate   “Come cordial and not poison, go with me” Translation: I’ll take this mixture, which is a medicine, not a poison Interesting word: Cordial because again not a word commonly used for medicine but cordial is sweet and […]